Best Achilles Braces for Tendonitis?

Published: 17th February 2010
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How can you tell if you have achilles tendonitis? If you feel a slight ache in your foot when you walk or rise on your toes, you may have this condition.

You may feel tenderness in your achilles tendon from this condition. This tendon may feel stiff, especially in the morning. You may also notice swelling in your tendon. You may hear a crackling sound when you move or touch the tendon.

There are 2 types of Achilles tendonitis, acute and chronic. Acute tendonitis can occur over a few days. Chronic tendonitis usually occurs over a longer period of time.

Typical acute tendonitis symptoms are: the pain begins slowly over a few days. Pain eases when resting. Pain when you starting exercising which fades as the exercise progresses

Chronic tendonitis can follow on from acute tendonitis and typical symptoms are: the pain increases over a period of weeks and months. Pain in the tendon, especially when climbing stairs or walking uphill. Swelling and thickness of the tendon or redness over the skin. You may get lumps in the tendon especially above the heels.

You use your Achilles tendon when you walk, run, and jump. If you play sports like basketball, volleyball, or football you can hurt your tendon. Playing sports can put stress on this tendon. Too much stress on the tendon can cause it to tear.

When the tendon tears it can become inflamed and swollen. Achilles tendonitis can occur when your body is not well-conditioned. If you overuse your tendon or if you have a flat foot arch you may develop Achilles tendonitis. Injury and infection can also cause Achilles tendonitis.

What can you do? Achilles braces for Achilles tendonitis are made to help you with your Achilles tendonitis pain. They help to reduce irritation and inflammation. And work to improve the function of your ankle and foot.

Achilles braces for Achilles tendonitis can help improve your performance. They can also help you improve the function of your tendon. Along with that, they can help you improve your endurance and decrease your pain.

Popular Achilles braces for Achilles tendonitis include braces like: the Silipos Achilles Heel Pad, the Cho-Pat Tendon Strap, and the Pro-Tec Tendon Strap. They are all level II braces. This means they give you basic support. These braces use compression that targets the Achilles tendon.

They reduce stress and provide support. These braces cost $25.95, $19.95, and $17.95 respectively. The Cho-Pat brace is widely used and recognized by sport medicine professionals as an excellent brace for Achilles tendonitis.

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