Best Shoulder Braces for a Rotator Cuff Tear?

Published: 19th February 2010
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The rotator cuff, what is it? The shoulder joint consists of a group of four tendons and muscles which form the rotator cuff. When the rotator cuff gets injured, it is the tendons that get injured. These tendons connect the muscles of the rotator cuff to the bone. When these tendons tear or become inflamed, they cannot move properly.

A common cause of disability and pain amongst adults is a rotator cuff tear. Most tears happen in one of the four rotator cuff muscles known as the supraspinatus muscle. Other parts of the cuff may also be affected.

What are the causes and symptoms of a torn rotator cuff? Your rotator cuff helps to stabilize your shoulder joint and allows you to lift and rotate your arm. It is made up of four muscles and their tendons. It can tear when muscles are overused. You may tear it if you play sports like baseball, tennis, and rowing. Weight lifters may also get this injury. Repetitive overhead motions can cause your it to tear. Normal wear and tear can also damage it.

If you have this injury, you may feel pain when you lift your arm. If you raise your arm and then feel pain when lowering it, you may have a torn rotator cuff. When you lift or rotate your arm, you may also have this injury if you feel weak when doing this. You may also have it if your shoulder crackles when you move it.

Using a shoulder brace for a rotator cuff tear can be very helpful. Shoulder braces can help keep the shoulder stable for this injury. This can help to keep your rotator cuff in a fixed position. Shoulder braces for a rotator cuff tear will help you control your shoulder's range of motion. By doing so, these braces can help to decrease the pain you feel. Shoulder recovery can also be improved with shoulder braces for a rotator cuff tear. These shoulder braces can help improve your endurance.

Some shoulder braces for a rotator cuff tear include braces such as: the Breg SlingShot 2 Brace, the Ossur SmartSling Shoulder Sling, and the DonJoy S.C.O.I. Brace. The Breg and the Ossur both provide level III (advanced) support and protection. The Breg costs $102.95, and the Ossur costs $94.95. The DonJoy provides level IV (maximum) support and protection, and it costs $499.94. The Ossur has received great customer reviews and was made with comfort, versatility, and ease of use in mind.

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